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Back on The Blvd

Wow! Has it been 3 years already? 3 years since Mi Vida Boutique offered me my first solo show. 

Mi Vida reached out to me on IG in May of '13 offering me a solo show. What!?!?

That was intimidating and not something I ever expected but with the encouragement of my wife, Anna, and friends, hell, I went for it. Did pretty good too I must say. Family and friends came out to support and show love.

Lowriting was in the works then and I knew the show and any opportunity I that came my way would be a great way to introduce my work to people and get my name out there ahead of the book.

Plenty has happened with my photography in the 3 years since. I've met a lot of cool people and made plenty of friends. I've been blessed with the opportunities to display and ship my photography world wide, ME an "Instagram Photographer" as some would say. Ha! With the help of a Chingon comedian I sold out my first Limited Edition set and helped to raise almost $800 for his foundation and a photo I sent to city hall is now part of the City of L.A.'s Fine Art Collection. Instagram photographer. 

Sept 10th will be a homecoming in a way. I'll be "Back on The Blvd" and back at Mi Vida. Back with friends and the community of Highland Park who has welcomed me and shown love for me and my photography at many NELA Artwalks since.

I hope to see you there, On The Blvd.



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